"I had the good fortune to meet Alfredo Patricio when I was looking for a condo.His experience and knowledge made the whole experience a very pleasant one for me. If you’re looking to rent or own, Alfredo Patricio is the man to call!"
 JD - Ottawa
"Alfredo Patricio foi a melhor descoberta desde que chegamos em Ottawa. Com a ajuda dele conseguimos encontrar a casa que queriamos, além de entender melhor como funciona todo o processo de compra de imóveis. Como imigrantes tudo é novidade. É muito bom contar com alguém com o coração brasileiro te acompanhando neste processo do começo ao fim. Devemos muito a este grande profissional!!! Como o pessoal fala aqui, “I highly recommend him”!
 (Alfredo Patricio was the best “discover” since we arrived to Ottawa (from Alberta). With his help we could find our dream home. Besides it, he helped us to understand how the buying process works. As immigrants everything is new and it is so good to count on somebody with a Brazilian heart guiding us and following us in this process, from the beginning until the end. We highly recommend this great professional!”)
 LC & MC - Ottawa
“Alfredo Patricio is an exceptional professional. I first met him when I was trying to lease an apartment. As a newcomer in Ottawa, I knew nothing about the prices and which region would better fit my needs. All I had to do was to tell Alfredo my expectations. He guided me and helped me to find a beautiful place for my family.
He is the one you must contact if you are planning to move to our beautiful Ottawa and don’t want to waste your valuable time searching for your perfect home. Let Alfredo do the boring thing for you, while you enjoy the flowers, the rivers, the Capitol Hill, and everything Ottawa has to offer to your family.”
 IC, MC,PC & IC - Ottawa
"Alfredo Patricio provides an exceptional service. He understands the market very well and gives you realistic forecasts on selling prices and time. He also goes above and beyond the usual services a selling agent offers: he does what it takes to sell your property fast and with minimal work for you. He is my realtor of choice from now on!"
WA, Ottawa
"Queríamos alugar um apartamento em Ottawa para nossa filha que pretendia fazer um curso na cidade. Recebemos a indicação do nome do Alfredo Patrício e, ainda em São Paulo, iniciamos os nossos contatos buscando alternativas de imóveis, preços e localização. 
O Alfredo nos enviou algumas opções para que pudessemos ir conhecendo alguns locais e ter referências. Quando chegamos a Ottawa começamos a visitar os imóveis e aí percebemos a importância de ter um bom corretor, alguém que, em primeiro lugar, tenha paciência, boa vontade, conheça os hábitos do seu país, sua língua. O Alfredo foi tudo isso e um pouco mais: nos orientou detalhadamente sobre o contrato de aluguel; as despesas que teríamos com o imóvel, enfim tudo aquilo que precisa ser examinado.
Recomendamos e agradecemos muito ao Alfredo Patrício."
SR & CR, Ottawa
"Alfredo Patricio is a fastastic Realtor. He was extremely patient and showed us as many houses as we wanted and gave us a lot of important tips. We are new commers and we are in Canada for just a couple of months, so all the information about the weather, houses quality and the dynamic of the city was essential for our adaptation. His agility and professionalism are qualities that we admire a lot.
Another point that we loved and helped us a lot is that Alfredo could make our wishes come true since he knew very well what we want. Today, we are very happy in our new home!"
SS & HM, Ottawa
"We had wonderful experiences with Alfredo Patricio both renting and buying our places in Ottawa. Alfredo is highly reliable, very attentive and extremely professional. He is definitely more than an regular agent.
He is a Real Estate Consultant, because he really understands about the market and has a sharp sensibility to figure out the best options according to the client's profile. That is why we are very glad and confident to recommend Alfredo Patrício's services."
GV & GG, Ottawa
"Alfredo Patricio has provided highly effective Real Estate Brokerage services to us since we contacted him for the first time. He has always communicated clearly and in a timely manner, focusing on our needs and doing his best to meet our housing objectives.
We also would like to emphasize that Alfredo Patricio is very pro-active and ethical. The next time we need Real Estate Brokerage services, we will certainly contact him to help us."
AB & FM, Ottawa
"As first time buyers and immigrants we had so many questions. Our questions were not only about the process of buying a house, but also about how they are built, which are high quality brands for appliances, etc.  It impressed us how fast and knowledgeable Alfredo Patricio answered everything.
In addition, he was always very honest and transparent when facing a house that was not the best one for us.
We have to admit that we have a problem deciding, and his support and patience were crucial for us to succeed finding the perfect house.
Thank so much for going the extra mile!"
MM & AP, Ottawa